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On Thursday we went to DC to visit the wall, and, of course, the Iwo Jima
Some of us who were going on from DC to Morgantown, WV  to visit Lt. John
Pickett's family went in vans David Kling had rented.   John was killed in
October 1969.

When we got to the van it had a flat tire.  We like to never got it changed.  We
couldn't get the spare down because we couldn't find the little hole you stuck
the tire iron in so you could crank it.  Turns out they had a piece of rubber
molding over it that looked just like the rest of the molding.  Then we couldn't
find the jack.  We were finally reduced to the embarrassment of reading the

Ben Cutler, Charlie Kanehailua, John Forresters' butt, and helping the best he
can (staying out of the way) David Dinehart.
Lamont Taylor at the Iwo Jima Memorial.
It's always a moving experience.