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Dan McCarthy rode in with a friend from New Mexico.
Ed "Robin Hood" Lindsey, Robert David, Joe Bonifas.
There was a company putting on a presentation at the hotel for the meats and
cheeses they sold.  I saw one of them standing by the pool smoking and, just
out of the blue for something to say, I asked him for a ham, "Why don't you
give me one of those ham?" He asked if I was with the bunck of Marines
around the pool, and when I said yes he told me grab a cooler and then
proceeded to load me up.  When I was thanking him he said that they weren't
planning on taking any of it back with them.  We got a ham, some kind of
spicy chicken, roast beef, and a block of cheese.
Dan Scala, Dan McCarthy, Terry McCrickard
Travis Skaggs, Tom Finnigan, Gary Wavercan.