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Robert "Savage" Webster, Larry "Sam" Bass, Cecil Covel
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Charles and Lorell Mayo in the hotel's diner.
Rick Lewis' hoola hoop fu is weak.

I was able to make two revolutions on my one and only effort.
Our officer contengent being forced to sing, "War."
Carrol Wilson and George Terry.  This was George's first reunion, a bit of an emotional
roller coaster for him.
Cecil Covel and Bobby Donaldson
Dan Bozich, Dan Scala, and Bill Rittenhouse
Jack Boone doing what he does best; smoking, drinking,
and spinning a tale.
Bill Larzaze and Gary "Red" Kruse
Tom Wilmot and David Atherden.

They are holding a part of the machine gun used by Lester Atherden in Vietnam.

Lester was David's brother and was killed March 4, 1966 on Operation Utah.