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George Terry and Ron Taylor.

When Ron came to the reunion he brought some of the things he snuck home
for Vietnam with, among them George Terry's K-bar.  George had scratched his
name on the sheath. George was in Ron's rocket section in early 1969 and
someway Ron ended up with it.  So here he is returning it 38 years later.
Dan Bozich, Dan Scala and Bill Rittenhouse.
Bob Whited and Craig "Bear" Edwards
Max Johnson and Rick Lewis
Some of the ladies doing a bit of karaoke after the dinner.
John Pritchard, Lloyd Lindsey, Craig Edwards, Lou "Gunny" Howard

Actually he's only "Half-a-gunny" now.  Over the past couple of years he's lost
about 170 pounds and now weighs what he did in Vietnam.
Jim Maedgen, Marion "Mo" Moore, and John Jones outside the Marine Museum
in Quantico.
This was in the museum's gift shop.  The whole thing is made out of legos.
Charles Mayo and Dave Rucker