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Ben Cutler and Joe Bonifas
Rod Snyder and possibly Robert "Savage" Webster in the back, left.

Max Johnson, Bill Rittenhouse, Jack Morgan, and Carrol Wilson in front.
Tom Wilmot and Ralph Kruse.
Jim Maedgen, Rod Snyder, Dave "Peewee" Kling, and Bud Mills.

Bud was a guest of Jim's, they had worked as divers together.  Bud retired from the
Navy, where he had learned to dive.  On the ride to the museum we were talking a
discovered he had knew one of my uncles, who had also been a diver in the Navy.
Paul Tara
Phillip "PJ" Ronzo and Tom Hettinger
Bill "Barney" Barnes, one of many camp followers, Rick Lewis, and Travis Skaggs
One of Bill Gravelle's friends, Bill Gravelle, and Joe Bonifas.

Bill and three others rode their bikes up from Florida.
Tom Hettinger and Rafael Candelario