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Craig "Bear" Edwards, Jim Haynes, Steve Green, David Atherden, and Robert

David's brother, Lester, served with Golf and was killed.  Robert was his guest.
Ed "Robin Hood" Lindsey, Dan Bozich, Marsha Bozich, Charles Mayo, Lorell
Mayo, and David Rucker
Augie Miele's granddaughter, Al Brauch, Ralph Kruse
Claude and Jeanette Richman
Carl Zarling, Mike Watson, Gary Blankenship
David Thompson, Nanette Soon-to-be-Maedgen, and Jack Boone.
Jack Morgan's son, Jack Morgan, "Reno" Reynaud, Cecil Covel
Larry "Sam" Bass, Tom Finnigan maybe, Jim "Doc" Bolton, Mike Mulhollem
Cookie Brooks, Marion "Mo" Moore, and Bruce Guthrie