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Max Johnson, Lloyd Lindsey, Rick Lewis
Deb Kling, David "Peewee" Kling, Frank Dendish
Lamont Taylor, Stan Eskola, Roy Bax, and Bill Henry.
Maybe Max Johnson bending, John Pritchard, Lou "Half-a-Gunny" Howard, and
Bob Whited.
Bill Belcher
Norm Brower and Tony Poole
Travis Skaggs, George Blankenship (a friend of Jim Maedgen), Jim Maedgen,
Unknown, Chuck Yeiser, Tommy Zangrilli, Bill Larzaz.

After dinner we're in the bar doing what we do best, or at least most often.
Dan Bozich, Rick Lewis, Tom Hettinger, Rafael Candelario.

Sitting in front are Don Gray's parents.

She's English, they met in England during WWII.  Don told us that she was in the
Army (some sort of service anyway).  Her job was milking the cows.