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Jim Henn and his main squeez, Barb Kemmer
Larry "Sam" Bass, Reno Reynaud, Bill Henry, Bobby Donaldson.

Reno and Bill were officers with Golf in 1966-67.  A group of the men who served
under them had them called up at the dinner and they presented them with with gifts
of appreciation.
R. J. "Del" Del Vecchio and David "Peewee" Kling.
Bruce Guthrie, Robert "Doc" David, Frank Dendish, Lonnie Hedley
Jack Boone, Chuck Yeiser, Judy Myers, Tommy Zangrilli.

Ron and Judy Myers will be putting on the reunion next year in Sacramento.
"Pappy," George Terry, Lester Jones, and Joe Bonifas

Pappy is Lester's neighbor.  A couple of years ago a bunch of us went to
Mississippi to see how Lester was doing.  We had a cook out and Pappy and his
wife came over.  He said he had such a good time with us that he was going to
come to the reunions.  So he's made two of them now.
Bill Larzaz, Jim "Doc" Bolton, Pappy, George Terry, Lester Jones, Joe Bonifas,
and Dave Dinehart.
PJ Ronzo and Tom Finnigan