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Tom Carr and John Pritchard
Augie Miele patiently waiting for the help to finally get his room ready.

He got in around 9ish, check-in was at 2ish but they didn't have it ready until 4ish.
Bud Mills, Travis Skaggs, Tom Finnigan, Jim Maedgen, Bobby Donaldson.
Norm Brower, George Terry, Lloyd Lindsey
Tim Belcher, Gary Wavrecan, Bill Barnes, John Pritchard, Tom Carr, George
Terry, Ron Taylor, Norm Brower
John Forrester, Keith Grosskopf, Dan "Doc" Scala
Claude "Doc" Richman, Stan Eskola, Ben Cutler.
Chuck Yeiser, Don Gray, Travis Skaggs
John Pritchard, Robert David, Ben Cutler, Dave Kling, Roy Bax, Stan Eskola, John