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Ron Myers, Bill Barnes, Tim Belcher, Brian Raymond, Charlie Snow.
Jim Maedgen, R. J. Del Vecchio
Lou "Gunny" Howard, Joe Bonifas, Dave Kling
Larry Williams.

Larry brought 3 cases of wine with the Golf 2/7 label, which was well enjoyed by all.  He
also had two magnums of Golf 2/7 wine which every Marine and Corpsman signed.  One
was given to Ron and Judy Myers for their work in putting on the reunion and the other
was auctioned off.
Bob O'Neil, Chuck Yeiser, Rafael Candelario.
Vickey Rodriquez, Ron Melendez, Frank Rodriquez
Steve Ravittina, Tommy Finnigan.
Virgil Irons, Robert Whited.
Robert "Savage" Webster.
Carl Zarling.

The t-shirt has a Sgt. Mike cartoon on it that says, "You're hit!!!  That's ridiculous. . . You,
as a Corpsman, are supposed to set the example.