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Stan Eskola, Paul Van Ripper, J. G. "Reno" Reynaud.
Frank Gonzales.
In the back, Ron Melendaz (red shirt), Vicky Rodriquez, Frank Rodriquez, Jack Boone,
Art Cracraft, Nikkie Cracraft, Donna Dinehart, Dale "Doc" Oliphant, and Ron Myers.

In the front, Dan "Doc" McCarthy, A friend of Doc's, Ben Cutler.
Priscilla Sedoma, Dave Kling, Richardo Carrasco.

Priscilla and her sister, Barbara Bell, are the sisters of Floyd Hartwick.
Dwight Brooks, Paul Van Ripper, Cookie Brooks.  The fellow in the hat may be one of
Roy Bax's family.
Art Nottingham and his wife.
Bill Lazarz, Bill Barnes (sitting), Brian Raymond, Stan Eskola, R. J. Del Vecchio
Keith Grosskopf, Frank Rodriquez
Dale Oliphant, Ron Melendez
Rafael "Every Inch The Retired Sgt. Major" Candelario