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Jim Sicklinger
Keith Grosskopf
R. J. Renaud and wife Florine
"Doc" Dale Oliphant, Becky Whickem, Gary Wavrecan, Jack Boone.
Charles Byers and David "Peewee" Kling

This was Charles first reunion.  When he got home in 1966 they sent him to
H&S 1/6 which happened to be when and where I was sent after boot camp.
 We got to make a 6 month med cruise.
Rex Hoffmeister.

He stayed in and got out a Sgt Major
Gary Wavrecan, "Doc" Steve "Hawg" Hammock, Dan Bozich and Gary's
grand daughter.

This was Steve's first reunion.  But I noticed that he grabbed a beer and got
right with the program.