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Larry Williams and wife.
Mel Tate.
Carroll Wilson, Larry Williams.
Joe Bonifas, Ed "Robin Hood" Lindsey, Jorge
Joe's new tat.
John Jones, John Pritchard. Dave Kling in the left
L to r in the rear: Ray Taylor, ?, Charlie
Snow, Ron Myers, Lamont Taylor, Rick
Lewis, Dwight Brooks, ?, ?, Gary Wavrecan,
Bob O'Neill, Jim Stroman, Gerald Schger.
In front: Augie Miele, Don Gray, Greg
Manning, Phil Cyr, Stan Eskola, ?, ?, Chuck
Butch ?, Dave Thompson, Jack Boone, Lou
Skaggs, Donna Dinehart.
Jack Boone starting to come into his stride.
Bill Lazarz, Bobby Donaldson, Carl Zarling,
Stan Eskola, Lamont Taylor, ?.
Gerald Schager, ?.