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Dave Dinehart
David Dean
Luis Otero.
Ed Lindsey.
Ed Moran, ?.
Don Gray, Bob O'Neill, Jim Stroman, Ray

The bar maid you see in the left rear had a heart
attack and died a couple of months after the
Dwight Brooks, Lamont Taylor.
Dave Dinehart, Bob Muth, David "Momma" Kass,
Travis Skaggs, David Dean.
Bill Lazarz, Ray Taylor, Jim Maedgen, Tom
Finnigan, Steve Ravettine, Charlie Snow, Bob
Stan Eskola, Winters McComas, ?.
David Thompson, Julie Dean, Chuck Yeiser, Lou
Skaggs, David Kling, ?.
Dave Kass, Bob Muth, Dave Dinehart, David
Travis Skaggs, Dave Kling, Bill Lazarz,
Chuck Yeiser doing their best to keep good
taste and common sense at bay.