First timers Jim Hemeril and Joe Perez.
Lonnie Headley, Dale "Doc" Oliphant, Jim McMurtrey
Bruce Guthrie, Rex Hoffmeister, John Jones.
Vic Bakunas, Bill Lazarz.

Vic ragged on me the whole reunion because a couple of years ago I
consistantly called him Winters McComas in the pictures.  All I can say in
my defense is that they hang out together and I drink a lot.
It was a good reunion.  We had a lot of first timers, which I'll list below. The ceremony at the dedication
went well and the monument is something we can all be proud of. If you find yourself passing by
Quantico, VA you should stop and see it. The Marine Corps has set aside a beautiful park for the
memorials, well worth a visit.

Once again this was going to be the reunion where I got a picture of everyone and got all the names
right. And once again it ain't gonna happen. I apologize in advance for the coming omissions and errors.

First timers:
Jim Himeral, Curtis Kern, Richard Vidrine, Joe Perez, Clayton Telieo, David York.
Bill Henry and Mike Watson.