Charlie Kanehailau, Ivy Tomsyck, Lopaka Brown giving an impromptu
concert. They were pretty cool and everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

Charlie served with Golf Company until he was wounded. Ivy's brother, Kimo
Pelieholani, was killed August 26, 1969. Lopaka Brown, I'm not sure of his
relationship to Golf Company, was one funny, cool guy. Hope he comes to
more reunions.
Carroll Wilson, John Farkis, Vic "I'm not Winters McComas" Bakunas, Stan
Eskola, Preston Jackson, Ron Myers, Gary Wavrecan, Travis Skaggs. Dave
Dinehart in the back.
Dave Dinehart, Augie Miele, Garald Schager.
Frank "Martinez" Rodriquez, Virgil Irons, Jim Maedgen.

I put the "Martinez" like that because Gunny Lou Howard nominated Frank
Martinez for an office at the meeting.  When everyone laughed and said his
name was Rodiquez Gunny just shrugged and said, "Aw, their all the same."
David York, Rick Lewis, Robert "Doc" David, Lamont Taylor.
Tom Finnigan and Bill Henry.