David "Peewee" Kling doing what we've come to expect of him, all the grunt
work. Dave is one of those guys who make things work.
David "Doc" Dean, Dwight Brooks, Stan Eskola.
Gerald Schrager, Gary, "Red" Kruse, Bill Lazarz, Rex Hoffmeister.

Shortly after last year's reunion in Pensacola Gerald wrecked his motorcycle
and lost his leg. He hasn't let it slow him down though.  He showed up this year
with a girl friend on a trike.
Bill Rittenhouse and Ron Taylor.

I saw this picture and all sorts of smart ass things to say came to mind.  But,
you know, some jokes just tell themselves.
Gene McEwen, John Forrester, Mike Watson, Bruce Guthrie, Stan Eskola,
Charlie Kanihialua, Gary Wavercan, Ron Myers.
Virgil Irons, Robert Whited.