The statement below was taken from a memorial posted for Thomas Bush on The Virtual Wall.

Pfc Thomas E. Bush was assigned to Golf Company, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines. In November 1968
the 2/7 Marines provided the infantry component of Battalion Landing Team 2/7, an afloat
element of the 7th Fleet - but as usual the BLT was generally occupied ashore in South Vietnam.
Between 10-17 November BLT 2/7 participated in Operation DARING ENDEAVOR in the
Army's 23rd Infantry Division operating area, re-embarking on 18 November. Two days later,
on 20 November, BLT 2/7 engaged in Operation MEADE RIVER in an area about 15 kilometers
south-southwest of Danang. MEADE RIVER was directed against a North Vietnamese Army
battalion and supporting VC forces known to be in the area.
Golf 2/7 was heavily engaged on the afternoon of 20 November and was forced to pull back
from its position, bringing out all its wounded but leaving the bodies of 6 Marines on the field.
The company established a night defensive position just southeast of Cam Van village, and on
the 21st moved into a blocking position while other Marine elements flanked the NVA positions.
At 11 a.m. Golf 2/7 received a single round of rocket-propelled grenade fire, which killed Pfc
Bush and wounded a second Marine.