The entry below is from The Virtual Wall.  Ron Padilla was actually with 1st Recon and assigned to Golf.

At the time of his death Lance Corporal Padilla was serving with Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines. The
2/7 Command Chronology for June 1966 contains the following entry:

"On 14 June at 2145H Co G listening post at BT486039 reported movement west. One hand illumination was fired
and two VC were reported observed moving south; two M-79 rounds were fired. At 2115H Co G-3 position at
BT487037 received two grenades from just beyond the tactical wire south of the position. Three VC were observed.
Marines returned four frag grenades and seven rounds small arms. One Marine shifting his position to a vantage
point approximately six meters south of this position was hit by an incoming grenade or M-79 round and killed
The entry goes on to detail a further exchange of fires. While the Command Chronology does not name the Marine
killed, the circumstances described exactly match the information on his casualty record at HQ USMC.