The picture is of Frederico Silva and Heriberto Armenta probably taken before Golf's deployment to Vietnam.  
Both men were killed in Vietnam.

The account below came from a remembrance posted on
The Virtual Wall.

On 18 December 1965 the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines and 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines were engaged in Operation
HARVEST MOON in Quang Nam Province. The 2/7 Marines were moving toward the hamlet of Ky Phu in a
battalion column march. At about 1300 both the head and the tail of the column began receiving heavy mortar and
automatic weapons fire. The 2/7 Marines deployed and assaulted the enemy, who were well dug in and apparently
planned to stay and fight it out. It took the Marines four hours of heavy fighting to eject the 80th VC Battalion
from Ky Phu; when the VC withdrew they left 105 bodies and numerous weapons on the battlefield. The 2/7
Marines lost nine men killed in the action, and three more died from wounds received: