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From Milt Golden
Milt Golden flexing his muscles.

This was our shower at Cobb Bridge.  The suits were drawn on
by Milt when his kids got old enough to be interested in these

Notice the folks walking down the road.  Well, at least we had
some walls between them and us.
From Rick Pugh
Sgt. Tom Ferguson at the French Fort between Cobb Bridge and Hill 10.

Tom was an interesting, though often irritating, man.  He had been in
Vietnam for two years in the Army and got out.  After a bit he decided he
liked it and went to re-enlist but the Army wouldn't guarantee Vietnam, the
Marines would.  Without his glasses he was almost blind.  But he loved
combat and, I think, the incredible effort of will needed to do well at it.

He was wounded the night of August 29, 1969.  At first I was told he was
dead.  When I found out he wasn't I went over to where the medivacs were
and tried to cheer him up, telling him he'd be okay and all that.  He actually
laughed at me (with all the pain, shock, and moriphine it wasn't really much
of a laugh, but I could see where he was going).  I can remember it like it was
yesterday.  He said, thought it took a while to get it all out, "I've been over
here a long time.  I've seen a lot of men come and go, and I'm going.  This is
just the way I wanted to go."

A strange man, but not a whiner.
From Tony Poole
Napalm in the not too far distance.  When Tony Poole sent me his pictures
these to were titled, "PAYBACK."