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From Mark Romander
Part of 3rd platoon at Cobb Bridge.

From the front left: Frank Rodriquez, unknown, Jim Reynolds,
Mark Romander, unknown, unknown.

Across the back: Ron Melendez, Jim Tyler, unknown, Jerry
Sylvia (with glasses) unknown, Sammy Sullivan, unknown,

Jerry Sylvia was killed by the infamous, "Friendly Fire,"
September 6, 1969.  I'm not sure what happened but a gunship
opened up and killed him.
From David Thompson
All the farm work was done like this.  Back breaking stoop

One time I watched two girls moving water from one field
to another.  They had a basket with maybe 6 feet of cord
on two sides.  Each held the end of one cord.  They would
bend over, dropping the basket into the field being
emptied, then straighten up.  This dumped the water in the
field to be filled.  They did this for hours.
From Lloyd Lindsey
Lt. Lloyd Lindsey and SSgt. Henry Perry.