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From Robert Nicholson
Stringing wire.

The Marine on the front right is Jim Reynolds.  Jim got into the
Reserves/Guard after getting out of the Corps.  In April of 2003 his unit
got called up and he spent a year in Iraq.  At one point he was within
hours of getting on the plane home when they extended his unit's tour.  He
was plenty hot about it, but was basically fucked.  At the 2004 reunion he
said he was staying in until he had his 30 in.  He figured they wouldn't get
sent back over until then.
From Rik Pugh
Cobb Bridge.

The shiny roofs at the top right belong to an engineer unit.  We could go up
there and eat a hot lunch if we so desired.  They gave us forks, spoons, knives,
and metal trays - but no cups.  We had to supply our own.

The road running of the left middle went to 2/7's headquartes at Dai La and to
Hotel Battery.
From Dennis Boettcher
This photo was lent to me by Dennis Boettcher who was a Corpsman with
"M" 3/7 through the spring of 1969.

The piture above shows on the left the road running between Cobb Bridge
and Dai La/Hotel Battery.  Faintly seen in the foreground is the road to Hill
22's road and the Catholic Ville.

The little hill just to the right of the white building was the scene of a
firefight on August 12, 1969.  Just off to the right of the picture the road to
Hill 22 turns off.  That is were Cecil Lambert was killed.
From Ray Rankin
Jake Sphon playing cards.

The Marine in silhouette is Gus Mann.