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From Mike Weaver
The "Filthy Six," so named by Mike Weaver's younger brothers (8-10
years old) when they saw the picture.  The movie, "The Dirty Dozen,"
had just come out and the picture put them in mind of the movie.

This was taken on a patrol around Cobb Bridge.  Mike told me they
had stopped for a break and were just kicked back and taking it easy.

Left to right in the rear: Bill Gauthier, Elgin Juri, unknown.
In front: Bill Gravelle, Mike Weaver, Gary Shaw.
From Jake Sphon
The obligatory generic picture of Cobb Bridge.  There must have been some
kind of orders from Regiment that everyone who had a camera had to take
a picture like this of Cobb Bridge.

The little hootch in the bottom center was our 4-hole shithouse.  It was
conviently located for chatting with the villagers as they passed down the
road.  Really strange.  Why not stick it off in a corner?  Let a guy dump in
From Rik Pugh
The end of another three day sweep.

Tom Ferguson, Gus Mann, Freddie Weakee, Bill Yeager, Bob

All but Mann were wounded and gone by September 1969.  Though
they all lived through Vietnam.
From Jon Juri