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From Joe Bonifas
From Travis Skaggs
Joe Bonifas and Travis Skaggs meet in Columbus, OH.

It was a great time.  It was the first meeting for Joe with a "Golfer," since
Vietnam.  I'd like to say that I've never seen a guy that looks more like a college
professor that only has a GED.

When Joe started talking about Doug Whiting (see pictures above and below) it
was startling to see how much his death effected him after all these years.  I don't
think he even knew he was crying.

After the Reno reunion Joe  went down to the LA area and visited with Doug's
family.  When he had visited them with Doug before going to Vietnam he had
promised to take care of Doug.  For years he had lived with guilt over not being
there when he died.  He told me that when he met them and they told him that
they did not hold him responsible he felt like the weight of the world had been
pulled off him.
From Joe Bonifas
Doug Whiting and Tom Root along the Tuy Loan
river outside of Cobb Bridge.

Both were killed by a booby-trap not far from where
this picture was taken on July 10, 1969.
Doug Whiting's grave.