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From Jim Whalen
I guess he just missed the bridge.
From Gary Williams
Part of 3rd squad, 3rd platoon taken before July 10, 1969 at
Cobb Bridge.

Top left: Mark Romander, Sammy Sullivan, Milt Golden,
Ron Melendez.

Bottom left: Jim Reynolds, Frank Rodriquez.
From Jake Sphon
Richard Conway shaving at Cobb Bridge.

Richard was wounded August 26, 1969.  He and Kimo Peleiholani were hit with
the first mortar round.  After we fell back and counted noses we discovered they
were missing.  It was just getting dark and the party that went out couldn't find
them.  The next morning we went out again and saw an old woman scrounging
the area for whatever she could find.  When we went over toward her we
stumbled over Conway when he sat up.  Peleiholani was dead.