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From David Kass
David Kass looking at the camera and Ron Taylor
behind him.

Just one more three day sweep.  The only laundry we
had a lot of times.  We'd jump in and just start washing
clothes and ourselves.
From Travis Skaggs
Sgt. Tom Ferguson and Travis Skaggs enjoying a nice piss warm beer
at Tugboat, summer of '69.

Either I'm getting ready to go, or just got back from the hospital.  In
early July we were on a patrol in the Bo Bans.  I couldn't stay
awake.  Everytime we'd stop I'd fall asleep.  Finally, about dark, the
Corpsman noticed and took my tempeture.  It was a toasty 104.  
They let me sleep that night with no watches.  In the morning when it
was no better they called a medivac for me.  I spent a week in
hospital in Danang.  I had contracted leptospiroses, some kind of
liver fluke.  When I got to the hospital they weighed me and I came
in at a less then hefty 122 pounds.
From Rik Pugh
Gunny Callahan at Cobb Bridge.