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From Lloyd Lindsey
Lt. Lloyd Lindsey and SSgt Roy Price at Cobb Bridge.

Roy Price has died since Vietnam.
From Steve Lewis
Probably taken on the boat ride between Cobb Bridge and

I made this trip a few times.  I didn't much care for it.  It felt
too much like being a target.  One time we were coming from
Tugboat and got the shit scared out of us.  I can see it now.  
Some PF or ARVN is standing around on the shore with his
buddies and sees us coming down the river.  He nudges his
buddy and says, "Hold my beer and watch this shit."  He
opened up with a magazine long blast that wasn't aimed near
enough for us to hear the rounds passing by but close enough to
scare the crap out of us.  I wasn't aware of moving but suddenly
I was laying on the bottom of the boat, along with everyone
else, with my 45 drawn and cocked.  Wyatt Earp would have
been proud.
From RickLewis
Rick Lewis and Max Johnson.