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From Rick Lewis
Memorial service at Dia La pass for KIAs.
From Lester Jones
From Frank Rodriquez
From left to right: Wilson (with the PRC-10 radio), Gary Williams, Frank
Rodriquez, Ron Melendez.

The morning road sweep.  Frank thought this was somewhere between Cobb
Bridge and Hill 10.  They have just bought some ice cream from a vendor.  
Some folks might question the wisdom of consuming Vietnamese dairy
products, making the mighty leap of logic that suggests their food
quality/purity measures are a tad under US standards.  But, as we drank any
water at hand it probably didn't seem a big deal.

Road sweeps never seemed like a big deal to me.  I don't remember much of
anything happening on any that I was on.  If you don't count a couple of men
catching the clap while we waited for a truck to stop and run us back to Cobb
Bridge.  This wasn't the way it always was though.  I was just lucky.

You generally didn't see to many people stirring around on the roads before
the sweeps.  One morning I had the last watch, it was just getting good and
light.  Down the road, maybe a half mile, there were several people going
about their business.  I saw someone on a bicycle run over a mine.  You could
see fly through the air.  Don't know what happened to him, died I suppose.