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From Bob Muth
In the front from the left: Norm Brower, Donnie Dement, Gus Mann, Bob Muth.
In the rear from the left: John Pedro, Kimo Peleiholani, Gary Newsome, Clark
Mills, Cecil Lambert, Richard Conway, Steve Lewis.

Probably in the Bo Bans between Cobb Bridge and Tugboat.

Norm Brower was wounded August 26, 1969
Donnie Dement left the company in August 1969
Gus Mann finished his tour and got home okay
Bob Muth got a third Purple Heart in December
John Pedro got home okay
Kimo Peleiholani was killed August 26, 1969
Gary Newsome left the company in July 1969 and went to combat photographers
Clark Mills was wounded August 23, 1969
Ceclil Lambert was killed August 12, 1969
Richard Conway was wounded August 26, 1969
Steve Lewis was wounded August 12, 1969
From Bob Muth
May be Clark Mills with no shirt.

These may be the very bananas that John Pedro cooked for us one day.
From Bob Muth
Ron Rudolph at Cobb Bridge.  He was wounded August 29, 1969.