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From Fred Volcansek
Lloyd Lindsey.
From Frank Rodriquez
Third squad, Third platoon at Cobb Bridge.

In the back from the left: Sammy Sullivan (he sometimes got moonshine from
home), unknown, Jerry Sylvia (Jerry was sent to 1st platoon about September 1,
1969), unknown, Jim "Popeye" Reynolds, Ron Melendez (his folks would send
munudo from home to augment his C-Rats), Sgt. Roy Price.

In front: Mark Romander (all he ever wanted to be was a cowboy), unknown (but
he was a Corpsman), Frank Rodriquez, Jim Tyler (all he ever got from home were
'Dear John' letters),

Sammy Sullivan has died since Vietnam.
Jerry Sylvia was killed September 6, 1969.
Roy Price has died since Vietnam.
Frank Rodriquez was wounded in December, 1969.
Jim Tyler has died since Vietnam.
From Kimo Peleiholani
Probably taken along the Tuy Loan river between Cobb Bridge
and Tugboat.