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From Robert Martinez
Bill Gravelle and Robert Martinez.

Bill works as an EMT in the Miami area and is planning to
retire in 2004/2005.
From Milt Golden
Lester Jones at Cobb Bridge.
From Kimo Peleiholani
John Pedro.

John Pedro and Kimo Peleiholani were almost inseperable.  Tom
Ferguson's joke was that you had to send them everywhere together so
Kimo could translate for Pedro, besides they'd just go together anyway.  
Pedro was from American Samoa.  His grandfather was a shipwrecked
Portugese sailer who washed up there one day.  He obviously knew a
good thing when he saw it and just stayed.

John had a hard time after Kimo was killed.  And it seems he had a
hard time after getting home from Vietnam.  Around 1992 or so Glenn
Denton, who stayed in the Corps for 27 years, ran into John's brother,
who had joined the Corps, at Camp Pendleton.  He told him that John
had been in prison for murder and now spent his time living as a hermit
up in the mountains of Hawaii.  Or maybe it was the other way around,
I forget exactly.  Anyway he hasn't done well.