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From Travis Skaggs
Gus Mann at China Beach.

Golf got an incountry R&R in late June 1969.
From Norm Brower
From left to right: Ray Ranking, Jake Sphon (with tatoo),
unknown but possibly Doc David Dean, Clark Mills, Travis

Ray Rankin would be wounded August 26, 1969
David Dean would be wounded August 12, 1969
Clark Mills would be wounded August 23, 1969.
From Rik Pugh
Bill Gravelle, Bob Fresquez, David Dinehart, Clarence Stevens,
Jerry Southard.

Bill Gravelle was wounded August 26, 1969
Bob Fresquez wounded date unknown
David Dinehart was wounded August 12, 1969
Clarence Stevens was wounded August 23, 1969
Jerry Southard got a third Purple Heart in October (?) 1969.  
Jerry died of a heart attack June 24, 2003