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From Norm Brower
Doc David Dean.

Just another Corpsman of ours that went beyond what had to be done.

On August 12, 1969 while going to the aid of squad on road sweep we came
on some gooks.  We were sweeping across some fairly open ground.  At the
end of it was a road and a few feet on the other side was a small hill.  They
were dug in along the bottom of the hill.  Cecil Lambert walked almost right
up on them before they opened up.  He was shot an laying in the road no
more than 20-30 feet from them.  In spite of this and having no cover Doc
Dean went to his aid.  He was shot, but lived.
From Rik Pugh
Bob Muth, Doc Matthews, Meuller
From Frank Rodriquez
Jim Reynolds, Jim Tyler, Frank Rodriquez.
Sasa Uli.  Sasa was killed June 16, 1969.
From Charles Kanehailua