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From Frank Rodriquez
Terry Oldham, Frank Rodriquez, Benny Valdez.
From Robert Nicholson
On the far left is Freddie Weakee, the short black is Nathanial Riley,
Robert Martinez next to him.  Charles Kanehailua behind Riley.

Taken at stack arms at China Beach.

This was Freddie's third tour.  It had taken a toll on him.  He was always
on the verge of blowing up, it took little to set him off.  When I located
him a couple of years ago he said he'd had a lot of problems since
Vietnam.  Some jail time.  Now he stays in his trailor and reads the bible.  
Kind of the classic PTSD bunkering up symptoms.
From Travis Skaggs
Frank Stewart facing the camera.

Frank made it home okay.  On June 20, 1969 he left the company and went to
supply.  He rotated home around October of that year.  Frank was a dependable
Marine and well thought of.  David Call (WIA March 18, 1969) told that in early
1969 at Hill 22 several NVA were spotted several hundred yards away.  Frank
grabbed an M-60 and managed to drop most of them before they could get away.

When were were fighting in Hiep Duc valley (late August 1969) Frank
volunteered to rejoin the company even though he had already done more than
his share.  Ray Rankin (WIA August 26, 1969) had just landed at LZ Ross.  He
had been medivaced a few days earlier for heat.  As he started to get off Frank
got on and told him the company needed every man it could get and he was
going out.  So Ray went too.

It's funny the things you remember.  Frank and I were talking one day about
being incountry and being married.  He told me his wife's name was Bunny.  
Now why should I remember a think like that after all these years.  He was from
Kissimmee, FL.  That was where we had our 1999 reunion.  Tried to find him but
no luck.

I have one other memory of him.  While at Cobb Bridge we had to get some kind
of shot.  Got mine and was walking away when I heard a bunch of yelling and
looked back to see him passed out on the ground.