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From Rik Pugh
At first I thought this was a medivac but it looks like they
are carrying boxes of C-Rations off the chopper.
From Frank Dendish
Frank Dendish on the left and Tom Abril on the right.

Taken at Hotel Battery.  This was a mile or so down the road
toward Cobb Bridge from Dia La pass.

Golf company moved there the first few days of August.
From Donnie Dement
Taken from Golf's area at 2/7' headquarters at Dia La pass.

A little later, when the 7th Marines were moved down to LZ
Baldy area, this place was almost deserted.  They left one
squad here to watch it.  It was spooky.  I don't know what,
except sound the alarm, they expected us to do if the gooks
came pouring in.

The gully you see ran almost all the way up to the head of
the area.  The main road was in a big horseshoe.