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From Frank Dendish
Simmons, probably at Hotel Battery.
From Joe Bonifas
Third platoon guns.

Lonnie Hicks and Charles Foskey in front.
Joe Bonifas, Alan Duval, Lester Jones, Richard Lakatos
in the rear.

Taken at Hotel Battery.
From Steve Lewis
The church at what we called the Catholic ville.

It was about half way between this church and Hotel Battery that Steve Lewis was
wounded and Cecil Lambert was killed.  David Dinehart, "Jerry" Mascia, Doc
Don Schon, Doc Robert David, Doc David Dean were also wounded that day.

We did the road sweep to here one day, turned out to be a Sunday.  We were
sitting in the trees in the shade just off to the righ of the picture.  Mass must have
been starting or ending, anyway there was a mass of people milling around.  On
the right side of the church were five or six young girls, sixteen or so.  They were
flirting around with some boys like young girls like to do.  I was sitting with Tom
Ferguson and he looked at them and made the comment, "They were here to see
and be seen."  A strange thing to remember after all these years.