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From Joe Bonifas
Possibly Dan Libby on the left, unknown, Lester
Jones, Lloyd Lindsey, unknown.
From Robert Martinez
David Young at Hotel Battery.
From David Kling
Sgt William Adams and Lt. John Pickett.

Taken at Hotel Battery.

William Adams was killed August 23, 1969.
John Picket was killed October 13, 1969.

William Adams was on his third tour.  He had gotten out of the Corps after his
second and bought some property, a small ranch I believe, then lost it.  He
re-upped and made sergeant back pretty fast.  When the 7th Marines got moved
down to the LZ Baldy area he told us he had been there before.  We were to
expect some hard going as it was a bad area.  It turned out to be very bad indeed.  
He was killed the first week we were there.