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From Jake Sphon
Clayton Tellio and Clarence Stevens at Hotel Battery.

Clayton Tellio was wounded August 26, 1969.
Clarence Stevens was wounded August 23, 1969.
From Ray Rankin
Tony Poole and Roary Walsh in front.
Terry Oldham, Bill Gravelle, David Dinehart in the rear.

Taken the day we arrived at Hotel Battery.  Pretty good digs for us.
 You'll notice the the fan in the back is working.

Tony Poole was wounded August 25, 1969.
Roary Walsh was wounded August 29, 1969.
Terry Oldham got home okay.
Bill Gravelle was wounded August 26, 1969.
David Dinehart was wounded August 12, 1969.
From Bob Muth
Bob Muth and Robert Martinez
Charles Kanehailua at Cobb Bridge.  This was taken on July 19,
1969.  He had just returned from the hospital after being wounded
June 16, 1969.  You can see the bandage on his leg.
From Charles Kanehailua