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From Tony Poole
Clayton Tellio at Hotel Battery.

This picture sort of sums up the Hawaiians we picked up in April.  He's carrying a
comic book AND a knife.  They didn't do well.  Most were gone by the end of

That looks like me in the shirt behind Clayton.
From Tony Poole
Tony Poole said he thought the Marine on the left might have been the platoon
radio operator.

He also told me he thought the man on the right was killed August 25, 1969.  
That would make him Richard Shelton.  He had gotten in country on July 29th
and was walking point on the 25th.  But Richard Shelton's sister, Mary
Drumheller, says she doesn't think it's him.
From Robert David
Two Corpsmen at Hotel Battery.

Doc Howard and Doc Robert David.

On August 12, 1969 Robert David was shot tending to a
wounded Marine named Steve Mascia.  Steve was called
"Jerry Lewis" for his resemblence to him.
From George Sagel
Cpl. George Sagel receiving a Purple Heart from Maj.
Gen. Simpson on the USS Sancutary.  This was on
August 14, 1969, his 21st Birthday.