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From Travis Skaggs
1. Marks the scene of the August 12, 1969 firefight: KIA Cecil Lambert; WIA Doc Robert David,
Doc Don Schoen, Doc David Dean, Steve Lewis, Steve Mascia, David Dinehart, Clarence Stevens.

2. On the night of March 31, 1969 we crossed the river here on our way to Oklahoma Hills.  
Mark Romander was wounded by a booby-trap.

3. On August 13, 1969 all of Golf left Hotel Battery along this trail.  As 1st platoon had lost all
of its Corpsmen the day before we had a brand new on, Doc Litzinger.  Before leaving the
compound he asked me how much space to leave between him and the man in front of him, the
squad radio man Nathanial Riley.  I told him it varied on how open we were, etc.  So we took
off.  Right out the door there was a long open space and he let Riley get way ahead.  It was just
starting to get dark and I could see we would soon be in thicker brush so I told him to close it
up.  We walked into the brush, went a half click or so and Doc stopped.  So we stopped.  We
were the last 5 in line; Doc, myself, Jerry Southard, John Pedro, and Kimo Peleiholani.  Doc sat
down, so we sat down.  Nothing unusual about this.  We sat a while and I whispered up to him,
"Can you still see Riley?"  I sure couldn't but he was 20 feet closer.  He looked and said he
could.  We sat for a good while and Peleiholani came up and wanted to know if we were going to
be here long, if so we should set up watches, maybe catch a nap.  I didn't know and told him to
go ask Riley.  He had the radio and should have heard something.  He came back in a minute
and said there was nobody up there.  Doc Litzinger had been watching a bush.  The reason we
were out was that they were expecting an attack on Division Headquater (marked
6 on the map).
 Everyone was keyed up about it and I was leary of heading back to Hotel Battery because
they'd be just as likely to blow us away as the gooks.  So we wondered off the trail a bit and
spent the night and went back in the morning.  They were pissed, having spent most of the night
looking for us.  But I told my story and we all kissed and made up.

4. This is the Catholic ville.  You can see the symbol for a church there.  This is where our road
sweeps went to.

5. This marks a firefight February 23, 1969.  The road sweep got hit.  Golf had 6 killed; Joseph
Van Daniker, Michael McCabe, James Reynolds, Gerald Paulson, Joseph Taraszkeiwicz, and
Wolfram Kretschmann.

6. This is where Division Headquarters was.

7. This is where the R&R center and Freedom Hill PX were.

8. Hill 10

9. Cobb Bridge

10. Tugboat.

11. OP Reno.  This was hit on February 23, 1969 also.

12. 2/7's headquarters at Dia La pass.

13. Dogpatch.  Many a good Marine caught the clap there.