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From Travis Skaggs
The next few pages are part of a diary I kept.  From August 23, 1969 through
the night of the 29th we went through some very hard fighting.

In the past I have had my handwriting referred to as, "A childish third grade
scrawl."  So you will just have to work with it.

I am amazed looking back at the diary at some of the things I would put in it.  
There might be all sorts of things going on and what I put in might center
around the peanut butter and crackers I was having at the time.  Well, I was
young - unfortunatily that is no longer a problem.

Some of the terms in the diary might benefit from some explanation.
react - to go the aid of.
441 - Hill 441 which formed the east side of Hiep Duc Valley.