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From Travis Skaggs
At the top I mention us setting up on a hill and getting some fire from another hill.  It
was god-awful hot.  This was the only time they ever let us go out without our
flackjackets, hoping to keep down the heat casualities.  Where we sat in was a little
well.  I can remember sitting in the shade sipping on that wonderful, cool water.

col - Colonel, probably Lt. Colonel Lugar.
prepped - worked it over with artillery.

The Stevens mentioned is Clarence Stevens.  When they medivaced him he was stiff as
a board.  There was one guy holding his head and one his feet and there wasn't a bit
of sag in his body.  The Corpsman said his heart stopped and he had to beat on his
chest to get it going again.  I saw him giving him mouth-to-mouth to.  I think Stevens
spent some time in the rear after getting back from the hospital, then was sent home.