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From Travis Skaggs
chicoms - Chinese Communist, sort of general term for their grenades regardless of
where they came from.
Hotel - Hotel company of our battalion.
Cobras - helicopter gunships, probably firing mini-guns and rockets.
2-2 called 2 - second squad, second platoon called the platoon commander.
a 50 in there - a 50 cal machine gun.

Roberts is Bobby Lee Roberts.
The Shelton mentioned at the bottom of the page is Pfc Richard Shelton.
Sgt Adams - William Adams
Pelly - Kimo Peleiholani, killed August 26th.

I don't remember carrying the bodies down the hill.  Though I remember most of the
rest of the day pretty well.  I do remember seeing them later, they were burned to a
crisp.  Guess I've just blanked it out.