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From Travis Skaggs
Lt. Page - Robert Page.  He took over the platoon after Rik Pugh was done with
his time in the bush.  Robert died of a brain tumor when he was 32.
one gun - an M-60 machine gun.
6 - The company commander.
skied - moved quickly
mortars - our 60mm morter section.
pos - position
bn - battalion, the command post where the battalion commander was.
doggy - Army

Martinez - Robert Martinez, a squad leader, wounded on August 26th
Pinto - Joseph Pinto, killed on August 26th
Gus - Gus Mann, a radioman.
Shelton - Richard Shelton.
Walsh - Roary Walsh, wounded on August 29th.
Gravelle - Bill Gravelle, wounded August 26th.
Ford - Richard Ford, wounded September 19th.
Pedro - John Pedro
Southard - Jerry Southard, he got a third Purple Heart in November.  He died in
June 2003 of a heart attack.
Rat - Tom Antisel
Rankin - Ray Rankin, wounded August 26th.