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From Rik Pugh
From Rik Pugh
From Frank Rodriquez
Rik Pugh on the right with the radio.  SSgt Hallsey lay beside the rock.   
Somewhere in the Que Son Mountains.
This is some time after the picture above.  SSgt Hallsey has been shot and the
Corpsman is giving him morphine.  He was shot through both knees.

I remember helping carry him down a big hill that night.  We made a stretcher
out of a poncho and a couple of small trees.  It was raining, the trail was steep
and beat into a snot-slick mess.  Every little bit one of us would fall and drop him
and he'd scream in pain.  All four of us felt bad for him but even the other,
unemcumbered, men were falling.  It seemed to take forever to get down to where
the medivac was setup.  He may not of even got out until the next day.
Taken at LZ Ross in the fall of 1969.
In the back: Terry Oldham, David Kass, Frank Rodriquez.
In the front: Benny Valdez, David Klein, Eddie Espinoza.

They are all, except for Frank Rodriquez, finishing up their 13 month
tour and getting ready to go home.

I don't remember being really happy when I went home.  I do
remember being at the R&R center and thinking to myself over and
over, "I made it."

Before starting the older web site in September 1999 I read my diary.
 It was amazing how many times, in one way or another, I said how
depressed I was.