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From Frank Rodriquez
From Frank Rodriquez
From Donnie Dement
At LZ Ross.  Left to right: unknown, Terry Oldham, unknown, Frank
Rodriquez, Max Johnson.

One of these weapons is probably the one Kimo Peleiholani took from
the gook he killed.  When Peleiholani was killed a couple of days later
the First Sergeant said it was to go to Peleiholani's friend, John Pedro.  
Don't know if he got it or not.

One day I was in at Ross and some new guys looking for some helpful
hints were talking to some old guys who were looking for a chance to
show off.  Somebody mentioned how AK-47s and M-16s sound
different.  M-16s pop and AKs crack they were told.  No sooner had
these words been uttered than someone out on the line with access to
an AK let loose with a burst.  All the old guys were instantly on the
ground and the new guys were sitting there looking at us like we were
Phelps heading off to the shower.
This happened right around New Years 1970 I believe.