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From Misc Sources
From Misc Sources
From Joe Taylor
Map of the Que Son area.

The 1 is Hiep Duc Valley.  2/7 went there only a couple of days after getting to
Ross.  From August 23rd through the 29th we were in a lot of contact.  It was very
hard going.

The 2 up toward LZ Baldy is where the Rock Crusher was.  For about three
months this served as our, "rear."  It pretty much sucked.  Just a handful of tents
and some equipment to make rock for the roads.

The 3 in the middle of the mountains is were we spent most of October,
November, December.  It sucked much worse than the Rock Crusher.

The 4 is Antenna Valley.  What time wasn't spent in the Que Son mountains or the
Rock Crusher was spent there.  But at least it was flat so the humping was easier.

The 5 marks a ridge we spent some time on in late 1969 or early 1970.  When we
left the company move across the railroad berm (the tracks and ties had long since
been taken for bunker building).  We were sitting there and I looked back up
toward where we had been and saw a bush get up and walk away.  A few seconds
later there was another one.  I ran and told somebody and there was a long line of
gooks moving across the ridge we'd been on.  They came down and crossed the
railroad berm 4-500 yards away.  We had a sniper with us and he got a few shots
but don't know if he hit anything.  I think a platoon was sent to ambush them but
nothing happened.  A couple of days later we had a run in with a bunch.  We
captured two.  A young woman who had been shot in the arm and an older man.  
Her upper arm was a mess.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out she lost it.
This is the report on Pfc Terry Small's death.  A George Lepre sent this to
me.  He was doing some research on Vietnam and turned this up and
became curious.  Terry had only been with the company a few days.  He
was killed by his own grenade.  The story I got was that he threw it, it hit
something and bounced back toward him.

When George Lepre got in touch with me I couldn't tell him anything
about it.  He was a bit surprised when I explained that 1st platoon had just
about been wiped out in the previous two weeks.  Most of the men I knew
were gone now and a death in another platoon, especially a new guy that I
didn't know, would have made little impact on me at the time.
Flooded rice paddies outside of LZ Ross.

Hill 953 on the right.  The low gap in the middle would take you to
Antenna Valley.