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From Misc Sources
From Joe Taylor
From Richard Orefice
The Rock Crusher as seen from the road between LZ Baldy & Ross.  
Baldy is about a mile or so to the right and Ross about eight miles to
the left.

Right about here is where some enterpirsing young boy sat up the
Vietnamese equivilant of a lemonaide stand.  He sold beer, whiskey,
dope, and probably his sisters
Artrice Stamps, wife of SSgt Oliver Stamps, KIA January 7, 1970, receiving his
Silver Star.
As I remember the incident a grenade was found and SSgt Stamps was going to
dispose of it.  Somehow it was short fused or tampered with in some way.  It went
off while he was trying to get it away from the rest of the platoon.
This is pretty much how everyone who didn't live in the cities lived.