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From Vern Bosley
Doc Vern Bosley holding the canteen and SSgt. Oliver Stamps with the radio
headset around his neck.

Oliver Stamps was killed January 7, 1970 while trying to disarm a booby trap.
From Vern Bosley
From Vern Bosley
SSgt Oliver Stamps and Lt. Howard "Cook" Florence.  This was taken
Christmas day at the Triple Culvert on the road between Baldy and

Before coming to Vietnam Cook Florence played football on the
Marine Corps team at, I think, Quantico.  One of the other players,
David Fields, went to high school with me.

Check out the Christmas tree.  Looks like there was a present for all.
Opening presents on Christmas day at the Triple Culvert.
From the left we have William Comley, Ricardo Carrasco, Jose Ortega,
Solomon Archuleta.
William Comly was killed March 11, 1970.